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January 19, 2022 - The Raven with Bob Angelucci and Dick Phelan

The Raven sign.jpg

Click on the photo here for video

Castle building that was home to The Raven.jpg
Emblem of The Raven.jpg

In Lower Swatara Township, around 1964, a local farmer, Harry "Jiggs" Landvater was "convinced" by Dick Phelan to sell him a high standing area of his corn field.  It took a long time until Dick could convince Jiggs.  You will have to listen to Dick Phelan's story to understand how it all happened....

On January 19, 2022, Bob Angelucci, originator, leader, and drummer of the Magnificent Men AND Dick Phelan, the creator, owner, and manager of The Raven presented the history and sounds of The Raven social club that was a huge music destination in Lower Swatara Township in the 1960s.  R&B, Motown, and other well-known artists sang there such as Smokey Robinson, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight and the Pips, etc. 

Click here is a list of the amazing artists that played at The Raven with the Magnficent Men as their back-up band.

We had one of the largest crowds so far with folks asking for a Part 2!  Many brought their Magnificent Men record albums for Bob to sign!  Below are some of the photos and the video recording is divided into parts due to its length.

Magnificent Men.jpg
Magnificent Men 3.jpg
Magnificent Men2.jpg
Bob Angelucci - young drummer.jpg
Magnificent Men 5.jpg
Magnificent Men album.jpg
The battle of the groups.jpg
Apollo Theatre.jpg
The Barn original sign.jpg
Click on the videos below to see the full presentation of January 19 2022 with Bob Angelucci and Dick Phelan talking about The Raven and The Magnificent Men
The Raven in the 1960s.jpg
Entrance to The Raven.jpg
The Raven photo at nigh.png
The Raven article 1965.jpg
Article on The Raven.jpg
The Ojays.jpg
Magnificent Men 4.jpg

Photos courtesy of Bob Angelucci and Dick Phelan



Click below on each video to see Bob Angelucci's Presentation of March 17, 2022

Magnificent Men Gallery.  Double Click to open, then click on the right arrow to view.


Some St. Patty's Day goodies - baked by the female board members with the best brownies ever donated by Jack Still.


                           May 19, 2022 -
The 1877 Star Barn with David and Tierney Abel

Star Barn 1948.png

David Abel's Intro and Presentation - Part 1

star barn in lst.jpg

Part 2

star barn at Stone Gabels2.jpg

Click on the Star Barn photo above for the Star Barn history and restoration timeline.

Part 3

star barn all lit up at Ironstone Ranch.jpg

The 1877 Star Barn and outbuildings at Stone Gabels Estate in Elizabethtown, PA in 2020.


LST Historic Preservation Board Members: Carol Siegfried, Ruth Shireman, and Susan Souders.


Prints of the Star Barn handed out to all attendees.


Pack of note cards given to all attendees.


July 21, 2022 - Walnut Hill Farm 
Presented by Ruth Shireman


The Alleman Family 


The Alleman Homestead in Old Reliance (Farmhouse and Barn, part of the original 1400 acres.

ceiling - hand hewn beams.jpg

Beams in cellar - hand hewn.


Basement area below fireplace in kitchen.

Walnut Hill Farmhouse

Rebuilding the barn1.jpg
Rebuilding the barn3.jpg

Rebuilding of the barn for the second time.

History and sentiment on barn.

Rebuilt barn6.jpg
barn ceiling.jpg

The ceiling of the barn - built like an upside down ship with no interior supports.

The barn rebuilt in 1954.

Walnut Hill Farm Sign 1856.jpg
Walnut Hill Farmhouse.jpg
Walnut Hill Barn.jpg

Present day Walnut Hill Farm on Longview Drive - owners/caretakers Joan and Ed Fox

Click on the videos below to hear Ruth Shireman's presentation of July 21, 2022.

Part 1 of Ruth Shireman's presentation.

Part 3 of Ruth Shireman's presentation.

Part 2 of Ruth Shireman's presentation.

Part4 of Ruth Shireman's presentation.


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