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 2019 and 2020 

In some cases we videotaped the presentation and we do have copies of their Powerpoint and any handouts if you are interested.

Presentation on Camp Meade - January 22, 2019

Dustin Dagostino.JPG

The Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society was pleased to provide a community presentation at the Lower Swatara Firehouse on January 22, 2019  at 6:00 p.m.  Dustin D’Agostino provided a history of Camp Meade and shared some of his “finds”.


Over the last five years Dustin D’Agostino has been uncovering history, one piece at a time.  Dustin has metal-detected in areas in and around Lower Swatara Township such as Jednota, Nauhman Farm, and Harmony Hall. 


Camp Meade was established by the U.S. Volunteers during the Spanish American War as an organization and training camp. It was established August 24, 1898, and was occupied by the Second Army Corps of about 22,000 men, under the command of Major General William M. Graham. Camp Meade was located on about three square miles in what is now Lower Swatara Township, Highspire, and Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Dustin's presentation was well-received and here are a few photos from his slide presentation.


Alleman Family.jpg


Presentation on The Alleman Family- March 21, 2019

Our second presentation was provided by Mikaela Fleisher on the Alleman Family.  Mikaela began with their immigration from Germany in 1753 with Frederick Christian Alleman.  She talked about her family's farms and daily lives in Lower Swatara Township.  
Alleman presentation with Mikaela and Be