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                                                Trivia Answers


1.  Real Quiet - In 2007 Real Quiet arrived at Penn Ridge Farms on Longview Drive and for his 2008 season he was the first stallion to stand at the farm. He died at the age of 2615. His bloodline lives today and are very successful racehorses.


2.  The Stoner Cemetery – The LSTHPS collaborated with the First Church of God, state rep Thomas Mehaffie, and the Keystone Mountain Lake Carpenter’s Unions, Local 431 and 435.

3.  Olmstead Airforce Base - The airport was previously Olmsted Air Force Base, named for Army Lt. Robert S. Olmsted of Sheldon, Vt., who had been stationed at the Middletown Ordnance Reserve Depot when he was killed Sept. 23, 1923, in an international balloon race in Holland. Olmsted Air Force Base employed up to 12,000 civilian and military personnel. The base closed in 1968.

4.  D&H Distributing – a technology distributor bought a little over 275 acres from the Catholic Slovak Union.

5.  Clifton Bridge – Stood at the east end of Fulling Mill Road, down by what once was the Pickle Farm. It spanned across the Swatara Creek connecting Londonderry Township with Lower Swatara Township.  OR  Fiddler’s Elbow Bridge 

6.  Homestead Savings and Loan –


7.  Hurricane Agnes, TMI, Closing of Olmsted AFB, Closing of TMI.

8.  Ben Hall

9.  Lou Braasch who’s radio name was Dan Steele.  Had over 45 years in radio.

10.  Phoenix Contact of Tyco.

11. 1966


12.  17-20 Cemeteries:

Shopes Mennonite (Mummas):  Lumber Street


Middletown Home

Mumma Cemetery:  off Fulling Mill near farm across from Kunkle

Nissley/Nisley:  Longview Drive near N Union Street

Swartz/Nisley Graveyard:  Longview

Beucher/Nisley Farm Graveyard

Churchville Cemetery:  Oberlin

Jones Cemetery:  750 Spring Garden Drive

Jednota Home Cemetery

Frey/Fisher Farm Cemetery

Engle Farm Cemetery:  Behind Hartz property when Country Apple House used to be.

Gayman’s Graveyard:  Shope’s /farm off of Stoner Drive

Shady Lane Cemetery:  at the curve on Shady Lane

Frantz/Hagy Graveyard:  Shope’s Farm

Greiner’s Graveyard: Gray farm, now Shope’s Farm

Stoner Family Farm Cemetery:  Rt. 230

Williams Farm Cemetery:  Williams Farm


13.  Colonel James Burd -  In 1766 Colonel James Burd, an officer in the Pennsylvania militia during the French and Indian War, purchased 500 acres encompassing most of the eastern end of present day Highspire for £900.  Soon after, he built a large stone house in what is now Lower Swatara Townshp. He called the house Tinian; it still stands today on Rosedale Avenue.


14.  Building were beautiful and well-maintained – superbly managed.  He had wheat, hay, tobacco and vegetables.  He raised both dairy and beef cattle, He also raised pigs; Chester Whites, and Berkshires, purebred Southdown sheep and Plymouth Rock hens.  He contrived a unique “steam chest” method of preparing cooked food for his animals, fed them and cared for them well.  Windmills were attached to wells and used together with large storage tanks for their water supply.  Very little commercial fertilizer was ever used as he used his animals’ manure to fertilize his fields.


15. Training and mustering out - Camp Meade was established August 24, 1898, during the Spanish American War and soon thereafter was occupied by the Second Army Corps, of about 22,000 men[1] under command of Maj. Gen. William M. Graham, which had been moved from Camp Alger in an attempt to outrun the typhoid fever epidemic.Camp Meade was visited by President William McKinley on August 27, 1898


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