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Trivia Questions

 1.  Name the celebrity horse who lived in our township and was a nose away from being a Triple Crown winner.

2.  What is the name of the cemetery recently repaired by the Keystone Mountain Lake Carpenters’ Union?

3.  Name the government facility that later became Harrisburg International Airport.


4.  Who bought 275 acres of the former Jednota property?


5.  Name  one of the covered bridges that was destroyed by Hurricane Agnes.


6.  What was the name of the Savings and Loan that was located at the Jamesway plaza and went under during the S&L crisis?


7.  Name  two of the four events that put our area on the National news.


8.  Who is the President of LSTHPS?  


9.  Name one popular radio personality in the township.


10.  What local business has provided paved walking paths for their employees?


11.  What year did Penn State – Harrisburg open?


12.  How many cemeteries are in Lower Swatara Township?
(2-8, 9-15, 16-20, or more than 20)


13.  Name one of the signers of “The Resolves” who
lived in what is now Lower Swatara Township.


14.  Name one attribute of the farms of Colonel  James Young.


15.  What was Camp Meade used for?

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