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Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society

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Nisley Farm House
Samuel Nisley Stone Farmhouse

Our Historic Preservation efforts cover the entirety of Lower Swatara Township, including its open spaces, working agricultural lands and farmsteads, buildings and structures, cemeteries, environmental qualities, scenic attributes, natural resources, and the overall character and authenticity of our neighborhoods and landscapes. 


We believe Preservation is an ethic—a belief that history plays an important role in our lives today and offers unique possibilities for the future.


Historic preservation brings an economic benefit by offering experiences and investment opportunities that are not available elsewhere. As our assets age, decisions must be made about which historic resources to save, which to rehabilitate and reuse, which to memorialize, and which to clear for other uses. New growth and economic opportunities also need consideration, along with the many benefits associated with conserving open space, natural and scenic assets, and agricultural land.

The Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society works to identify, educate, promote interest in, and advocate for the preservation of historic buildings, cemeteries, and landscapes in Lower Swatara Township.

This site is dedicated to the community of Lower Swatara Township and its rich history.

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We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity

             100% Volunteer Organization

Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society

1451 N Union Street

Middletown, PA  17057-3045


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