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         Historic Interpretive Plaque Information


The Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society’s Plaque Program is open to any individual or organization who owns a home, barn, cemetery, or land that has historic significance. These plaques are being offered to promote public appreciation of buildings and landscapes with historic significance and to capture the memory of people, events, and innovations that help interweave our community in Lower Swatara Township with the entire world.

All historical interpretive plaques will be made of cast aluminum (suitable for cemeteries, landscapes, or other open spaces).  Historical interpretive plaques cost approximately $450 but vary according to number of letters.  These plaques are made individually, one at a time, at Franklin Bronze Plaques, a Pennsylvania company, who has willingly partnered with us long-term for this historic project.

All applications will be reviewed by the Board Trustees at no cost to the applicant.  If approved, the applicant will be notified by letter and will be required to pay for the plaque’s cost and will be responsible for installation and/or any costs for installation unless assistance is requested. Additional instructions and/or assistance will be provided at that time for proper, permanent installation.


Plaques cannot be transferred or sold and must remain with the property.  


Approval and purchase of a plaque also entitles the applicant (one individual or business name) to a life-time membership in the Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society.

Complete the entire form and mail (or hand-deliver to a Board Trustee) the original and all supporting documents/photos to:

Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society

1451 N Union Street

Middletown, PA  17057-3045

Questions when completing the form may be addressed to Nancy Avolese at 717-944-9891

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