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Messick Farm off Oberlin Road

Messick Farm older photo_edited.jpg

The Messick Farmhouse was built circa 1820 and was a two-story brick & limestone farmhouse which was located at 1351 Oberlin Road on a little over 3 acres.   The property was part of the original Messick Farms purchased by J. Stover and Sallie Messick in the early 1930s.


In 1998, George M. and Patty L. Kuharic (Messick's granddaughter) completely renovated the home keeping only the brick shell. 


Sadly, the farmhouse and barn were sold and torn down to build the Catherine Hershey School for Early Childhood Learning in the fall of 2023.

Messick barn 11-3-2020  smr.jpg
Messick Barn 2  9-13-2023.jpg
Messick Barn leveled - 10-2023.jpg
11-3-2020 photo by Sally Messick Runkle
9-13-2023 photo by Sally Messick Runkle
Messick farm house on 10-1-2023.jpg
Messick Farmhouse 10-05-2023 smr.jpg
10-5-2023 photo by Sally Messick Runkle
Messick Farmhouse 10-23-2023  2 by SMR.jpg
10-23-2023 photo by Sally Messick Runkle
11-8-2023 Messick Farm Sign.jpg

Photos by Nancy Avolese unless otherwise credited.

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